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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I'm Jessica, and this blog is simply a home for my ever-wandering thoughts. Here's a look into my brain space:

I'm a wife and mom.


I've been married to my college sweetheart, George, for 8 years! He is funny, smart, kind, and keeps me grounded most of the time. Over the last 8 years, he has become a pro at unraveling my thoughts, helping me find patterns in my thinking, and encouraging me to hold on to truth. You'll see George show up in the Kitchen a lot, since he's becoming more and more of an avid chef (thanks to TikTok, he says).

I have a son, Evan, who is 2 years old, and another son on the way! Being a mother has completely changed me. I was always afraid I'd lack maternal instincts, but these precious little lives make me want to be the best I can for them every day. Evan lives in the Playroom most of the time, and will make special appearances in the Library when I write my thoughts on children's books. I also am a fur-mom to a cutie Labradoodle named Henry! 

I'm an entrepreneur.


Five years ago I started my own educational business called WonderHere with my best friend, Tiffany. What started as a small little learning studio has now blossomed into a full-time school, destination for camps and birthday parties, headquarters for originally written homeschool curriculum, and so much more to come. This venture has stretched me and blessed be beyond my wildest dreams. 

You won't find a room dedicated just to WonderHere on here, and that's mostly because I manage its own blog! But I have lots of thoughts about entrepreneurship, leadership, and education as a whole, and you'll find most of my musings on those subjects over at The Front Porch.

I'm a creative.

I am by no means an artist or chef, but I love to create things. I love to work with my hands. I love to find the simplest recipes, the most DIY of projects, and some seriously out-of-the-box ways of making things. I also have recently taken up digital lettering and art with my new Apple Pencil.


Right now, I'm focused a lot on cooking because hubs has taken a special interest as of late, and it's something we can do together. Head on over to the Kitchen for some fun recipes made from simple, clean ingredients. And I promise you won't have to scroll through 5 minutes worth of prose and ads to get to the actual recipe.

I'm an avid reader. 

Since I was a child, books have been a life-source for me. Maybe it's because I was so painfully shy and always felt out of place. Books were a reprieve, a companion, an escape. While I still have that relationship with books, reading has also grown to be a connecting point with others and a means of education and growth. Make yourself at home in the Library, where you can find book reviews, book hauls, #shelfies, and more.  

You, Dear Reader.

If this place can tell you, dear reader, just one thing... it's this:

The world needs your thoughts, your ideas, needs you to show up. Whatever that looks like for you. If I can put my thoughts out in the universe, you can - and should - too. 

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